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The COVID-19 outbreak has significantly disrupted the economy, our lives and potentially our own safety. Business as we know it has changed profoundly and so have our legal needs. Negotiating and litigating contracts will continue to evolve as a result of COVID-19 challenges. In addition to an unprecedented number of existing and anticipated foreclosures and evictions, COVID-19 has created a myriad of new legal issues, including applications and defense of contractual provisions of force majeure, impossibility of performance, and frustration of purpose, and has raised serious concerns of foreclosures, repossessions, evictions, debt collection and bankruptcies for many companies and individuals. While our entire legal and business community is affected, each business situation is unique and needs personalized and professional attention.

For 41 years our law firm has counseled the financial industry, individuals, commercial property owners, and businesses of every type and size on a wide breadth of legal issues with focus on contract negotiations, drafting and conflict resolution, and also foreclosures, repossessions, evictions, bankruptcy law, debt collection, litigation and related issues.  We have been recognized in the legal and business community for our highest level of expertise, our reasonable rates, and our professional care in helping clients.

If your business needs advice now, please know that we are here to help. Contact us at the link below. We can guide you through the latest legal developments, regulations, compliance, and government requirements.  Our firm can assist you in negotiating and preparing contracts, workouts, modifications and/or alternatives to foreclosure.  We can assist in litigation and bankruptcy. Overall, we will work to find the best strategy to protect you and your business now, and going forward.

At this difficult time, we wish for you and your families to be well and safe.

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